Are you looking for more ways to show support for those you serve who are coping with grief and loss?

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The journey of grief can be overwhelming - both physically and emotionally. Professional grief support and quality products that symbolize and honor Life are instrumental in moving from the pain of our loss to a place of healing and transformation. 'You Have Permission' is a brand you can trust.

We're Ann Leach and Chaz Wesley, two grief professionals dedicated to providing reassuringly compassionate and affirming resources for those navigating through life's transitions. Our beautifully-illustrated, lovingly-written, uniquely-created bereavement resources are used by individuals seeking an alternative approach to caring for one who is grieving and by organizations such as hospice programs, counselors/coaches, funeral homes, and faith communities. It is our belief that, indeed, 'You Have Permission...' to grieve, to honor the grace-moments along the way, and to seek the significance in the understanding that grief must be grieved and it must be shared.

By granting yourself permission you allow for the poise to surrender completely to the next evolution of your healing, your growth, and your transformation. Curious about a particular product? Have a question about a program or our coaching and training? E-mail us at

You Have Permission...